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Hot Rod Lincoln
Family Tradition
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Beatin' My Head Against The Wall
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
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The Fugitive
Wild Turkey
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Cheeseburger In Paradise
A Pirate Looks At Forty
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The Keeper Of The Stars
P.S.  I Love You
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Ghost Riders In The Sky
The The Captain & The Kid
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Ghost Riders In The Sky   Stan Jones  1948
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In The Future - -  D/M's originals--
Memories For Sale
The Duval Crawl-
Fall Somewhere Else-
Singin' In The Key Of Jack Daniel's-
That's What I Want You To Say-
Lyin' Around-
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Patches Raoul-
January 1, 1991 - December 20, 2010
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Our good friend KEN LANDRY (singer/songwriter) has added 23 songs to his
Pure Volume website- and he is also featuring videos on YouTubeTM

Click on Ken's picture to see his new page on this site which will give you links to his music!  Enjoy!

That's him on the right wearing the very fashionable Durango Mango T-Shirt !
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There is a new edition of Durango Mango in the making.

Please visit this site to check on our progress.
      Original members -

Although Eric Phillips has passed on his memory will always be reflected in the new edition of Durango Mango.

He may no longer be visible to all of us, but he is with us forever in our hearts.
We will never forget you, Eric
Chip Riggi      (drums- Durango Mango North)
Betty O'Kay               (bass/ vocals- Durango Mango North & South)
Captain Mike Lemire (drums- Durango Mango South)
still in the Durango Mango band
We will be joined by
We are looking for lead guitar and rhythm for Durango Mango North (Central Maine area)

Please call  207-277-3277
Bob Peters
(lead guitar & vocals- Durango Mango South)
These songs all have Eric Phillips' vocals in them, we do not have any current music at this time with the new sound.
Friends Of Durango Mango
Ken Landry
(rhythm guitar & vocals- Durango Mango South)
Eric M. Phillips
June 11, 1952 - December 15, 2011
It is our hope to be back in the circuit late summer- 2013