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Ghost Riders In The Sky   Stan Jones  1948
Durango Mango
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Durango Mango
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These two links are archives of the original Durango Mango band.
Please click on North (for northern New England)  and South (for southern New England)
Durango Mango - southern NE edition
Durango Mango - northern NE edition
Eric Phillips
Chip Riggi
Betty O'Kay
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It is with deep sadness we inform you of Eric M. Phillips passing.
New England country music stalwart Eric M. Phillips, of Cambridge, Maine, died suddenly on December 15, 2011. He was 59.

Born in Middlebury, Connecticut, the second of four sons of the late Lynn & Edward Phillips, Eric was decorated as an Eagle Scout for Middlebury Troop #6. He was a member of the jazz band with Sacred Heart High School in Waterbury before attending classes at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

A well-known and active member of the country music scene throughout eastern New England, he gained recognition and awards for his work on bass, guitars, vocals, and arrangements with bands including White Line Fever, Blackjack, and Durango Mango, a band he formed with his wife, Betty.

While a member of Blackjack, Eric and the band itself were winners of several local awards, including Pony Express awards for Best Band and Best Bassist.

While a member of Durango Mango, Eric received several appreciation awards for his work in promoting country music.  He was also a NECMC Hall Of Fame inductee and an Honorary Member.

His passion for promoting music lead him to serve several years as an officer and treasurer for the New England Country Music Club. He was formerly on the executive board as secretary.

Eric also spent seven years promoting music on radio Station WOON 1240 in Woonsocket, RI where he hosted "THE" Theme Show and teamed up with his wife in 1999 to join her on O'Kay's Corral.

Eric is survived by his wife and soulmate, Betty (Okoniewski) (O'Kay) Phillips, of Cambridge, a daughter, Jennifer Walters of Spencer, MA, and a grandson, Stephen James Walters. He is also survived by his three brothers, Bruce Phillips of Victorville, CA; Jeff Phillips of Houston, TX; and Tim Phillips of Naugatuck, CT and former wife Debbie Phillips as well as nieces and nephews; Anna, Tony and Joseph Phillips, Javier Quentario and Keith, Kevin, Jake, Moriah, Hannah and Sarah Cross and George Cross III

Cremation arrangements were made with the Crosby-Neal Funeral Home and Mount Hope Crematory in Maine.

Memorial Services will be held in the future in Cumberland, RI and Uxbridge, MA.
A family-run memorial service will be held in his native Middlebury, CT, in June 2012.

(lovingly written by Tim Phillips)
Rest In Peace my beloved until we meet again.
We will never forget you, Eric
I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to Eric's family during this untimely tragedy. Eric was stricken at home on December 15, 2011 The country music fans lost an awesome man on that day. I lost the best thing that ever happened in my life. You have all been so supportive, you have mine and all of Eric's family's appreciation.

Stay Well,
All of these cover songs include the late Eric Phillips on lead guitar and vocals-
The new version of our band does not have anything recorded at this time,
but will be included  when available.
Tribute videos - Eric M. Phillips
June 11, 1952 - December 15, 2011
5. Here is another video tribute
Keeper Of The Stars.
Wherever he is, you know he is having a "boat drink" for all of us.
Try as I might, I was unable to post the actual videos on this page. 
But you can see them at YouTube by clicking on the links.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
This is the only recording of "Time."   We had just added it to our play list and never performed it publicly... so Eric (being Eric) pulled it out for to debut on a televised TV show in Cape Cod.
(Eric was good for that kind of thing...)
This was a VERY scary 3 minutes and 20 seconds
But I am happy that he made us play the song that evening, otherwise I would not have it now.
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