Smack Dab
in the Middle!!
Country AND Jimmy Buffett influenced music-  Music for ALL points WEST!!
Some Totally "FUNKY" Pictures!
The Ocean
The Open  Plains
Some Totally "FUNKY" Pictures!
  Durango Mango has "morphed" into two entities-- Durango Mango (South)
  with "Captain Mike" Eric Phillips & Betty O'Kay for our band's appearances in            southern New England- and Durango Mango (North) for our northern New England      appearances.  This page is dedicated to Durango Mango South-

  Captain Mike Lemire has been DM's steady drummer for 11 years and we feel            fortunate to have him as not only a drummer but (chokin' on this one)
  a friend.

  Whenever you see Durango Mango in southern New England you will be seeing his    "sun-shiny face" with us behind the drums.
NOW, I have to manage South AND North--and on such a meager pittance-- this is quite appalling!
Eric Phillips          Betty O'Kay"Captain Mike" Lemire
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