Thank you all for being so kind and understanding our sorrow in bidding our dear "buddy-boy" goodbye.  Thank you all for sending positive thoughts his way through his illness.  Thank you all Dr. Logan and staff from North Smithfield Animal Hospital, Dr. Rick Dubois and Wendy from Dexter Veterinarian  Clinic, and all the staff at Urgent Care Animal Hospital in Brewer.
Patches Raoul- January 1, 1991 - December 20, 2010
Well friends it has happened. Despite all of our efforts to keep our four pawed agent--and best feline friend in the world healthy, the inevitable has arrived.  We had to allow Patches to leave this earth with dignity on December 20, 2010. As he lived, he passed and we miss him terribly.  But, he is still our "Agent in Kitty Heaven" and he will continue to be remembered on this website.  Only difference- he's an "angel" now.

Thank you for your Get Well wishes. I was growing tired,
I was 100 years old in your years.
I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers,
but It was time for me to go.
No, Patches was not "just a cat" he was our friend and a family member for so many years.  He  was perceptive of our need for a good "cuddle" to chase away the occasional "blues"  and he was the best listener when we needed to "spout off!"

He did have his moments though, like at 3:00 AM on a daily basis, when the "hungry horrors" overtook him and he would knock down everything  that wasn't NAILED down to get our attention to get out of bed and feed him.  No object was too big  or too small, he would just keep knocking things around until one of us did his bidding.  Hence the poem below is dedicated to him.

We are also leaving the link to Patches' own page- where there are some incredibly funny videos collected from YouTube that will make you laugh!  We hope you enjoy them!  ...and once again, Thank You All who showed great sympathy during the loss of our  dear friend in the fur coat.
Please Click on the thumbnail above for a good laugh. 
You will have to wait just about 15 seconds for the intro music to end and then just click on the YouTube selections!
Oh drat, that cat- It's three A.M.

Green eyes glowing
from the bureau he sat
Feed me please,
or you won't sleep,
I will see to that!

With what can I play
to rouse you?
Something that will
make a loud noise...

I am nocturnal
and famished too
as I prowl
purrrfectly poised!

Oh Wheee
these keys
will "chink" with glee
as they plummet to the floor

Then, I'm sure that
you'll get up...
or I'll find something

Stumble and grumble
sploosh open the can
Feed him so I can sleep
once again.

I don't know why you mumble so
and call me little "pest"
it's ONLY three in the morning,
you still have two hours left!

Now, it's time to
"rise and shine"
and while you're
getting dressed...

I'll hop on the bed
prepare for a nap
and savor
my feline success!!

B. P. O'Kay
He sure was a dapper little man

Rest in peace, little buddy.
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