It's about time they give me my own page-
Now that I'm in Kitty Heaven, I can watch them more closely and make sure they don't screw up! ...Nah. They will.
Does EVERYONE Need To Know about THIS?!?!  I mean, it was just a little "tryst!"
Yes, he was quite the ladies' man.
I really don't need this abuse.   You didn't pay me well.
...a treat here, a shrimp or two there....
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This video produced by Steve Ibsen -
I'm a Kitty Cat and I dance, dance, dance...

You absolutely MUST see these videos.  They are the BEST "cat" vidoes on the planet and they all had Patches' "Paw Of Approval!"
This video produced by Steve Cash -
Sylvester...Wake up and meet the NEW PUPPY!

This video produced by Paul Klusman and T.J. - Advanced Cat Yodeling with Cat Polka...

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